Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Weightloss Journey Day 8

Well this sure was an interesting week.  I encountered a little of everything, I was super homesick a good chunk of the week.  Which doesn't help.  Then frustration over my children be naughty, then getting sick.  I tell ya, it would have been easier to just chuck this week.  However, I plowed through, I worked out 4 days this week, and I feel it, wow, I feel it.  And drum roll please, the verdict is 3.4lbs for the week.  Yay, it was a tough week,  I would rate my diet a B+ and I would rate an A- for exercise.  Definitely, room for improvement.  Well, we will see how next week goes.  I do look slightly stunned, however, I had have my picture take by Tristen and well he is a really good photographer.


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